About the Washington USNA Parent Club


ParentClubMembership in our club is open to all families and friends of the United States Naval Academy, Appointees, Midshipmen, Graduates of the Academy, Blue and Gold Officers and anyone interested in supporting the Mission of the USNA Parent Club.  There are many benefits to becoming a member of our organization including Naval Academy insight, experience, friendship and support of our Midshipmen and one another.

Club Officers

President:                      Yvonne Brooks                                               Class Representatives:
Vice President:              Mary Adkins                                                   2022: Pete Ackerman & Elizabeth Applegate
Treasurer:                      Bill Brooks                                                      2023: Damon & Michelle Hom
Secretary:                      Caroline Shea                                                2024: Kristine Olmes-Moore
Membership Chair:       Susan Hainze                                                 2025: Lauren David
Communication Chair: Colleen Bourgeois

Webmaster: Cathy Weiss

Blue and Gold Officer

Blue and Gold Officers (BGOs) are “field representatives” of the Admissions Process at USNA who cover a specific geographic area, usually defined by high schools. They encourage exceptional individuals to seek a naval career through the Naval Academy and other officer-accession programs.

link to BGO Area Coordinator for WA

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support Washington State USNA Midshipmen and their families by forming a community of people who share a common interest in the USNA. We share information, experiences, and advice about Navy parenting while fostering fellowship and friendship. We support our Midshipmen by providing information on how to successfully navigate the challenges of the Academy, offering encouragement during their struggles, and celebrating their successes.

Parent Club Bylaws

Our Club Bylaws can be found here.